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Tour de Boudica Race Report

Tour de Boudica Race Report

Our ladies were keen to get off the block on day 1 of the Tour de Boudica as they faced a though start. Three races back to back for the quickest time possible. Each race would be counted toward individual and team times

They sprinted through:

1.Hilly Loop

2.Champs élysées


Covering a total of 17.4 km in the first night, the ladies knew the Tour wasn’t going to be easy.  As the Races started the commentators were quick to mention our riders quick moves from the start. The teams in their respective categories gave it their everything coming in with impressive finishing times for each category.

The Celtic Queens (C) ending the evening in 27th Birgit Schucki, 32nd Joanne Smyth, 47th Lucy Ball, 48th Angharad Jones, 64th Jude Woodcock, 69th Louise Coppin, 98th Louise Hunter, 102nd Mel Hathaway from a standing of 120 women.

The Beauties in Beast (D) mode ended the night with 9th Yvonne Mowlam, 26th Gill Brown, 29th Sue Watson, 33rd Jess Horth, our of 53 women in total.

Leaving themselves in prime positions to go into the challenge on day 2.

Day 2

Moving into the second stage of the Tour. The Celtic Queens and Beauties in Best mode faced a different type of sprint. 10 laps of Glasgow Crit Circuit. The course gave the teams fresh challenges as their prepared their legs for an evening of hills and sprints.

But after yesterday this left our teams only wanting more. Putting all efforts in and enough coffee and red bull drank to full their legs they sprinted to the challenge increasing power and sailing through the rankings.

At the end of day 2 The Celtic queens were 47th Lucy Ball, 53rd Joanne Smyth, 56th Angharad Jones, 58th Louise Coppin, 59th Jude Woodcock, 67th Birgit Schucki and 96th Louise Hunter.

Our Beauties in Beast mode 15th Yvonne Mowlam, 23rd Sue Watson, 28th Jess Horth & 33rd Gill Brown.

As they raced up the standings, they were saving the best until last going into the final stage.

Day 3

On our final day, muscle fatigue couldn’t stop the Wobble ladies from smashing the final course, 1 lap of Legend and Lava 24.5 km bringing hills into the tour for a final bang.

As the race started there was an energy to succeed among the teams tonight and they gave it everything they had.

Ending the final stage of the Tour de Boudica in the highest standings that anyone can be proud of what was achieved.

Our Celtic queens finished at 36th Jude Woodcock, 38th Joanne Smyth, 42nd Angharad Jones, 56th Birgit Schucki, 60th Louise Coppin, 83rd Louise Hunter,

86th Mel Hathaway.

The Beauties in Beast mode finishing in an impressive 9th Yvonne Mowlam, 24th Sue Watson, 26th Gill Brown, 28th Jess Horth.

With the overall team standings 10th Place for the Celtic queens and 9th Place for the Beauties in Beast mode.

An amazing result to finish with after a tough weekend of sprinting and hill climbing, nothing that the women of Wobble cant handle. A big thanks you to Angharad Jones for organising the Tour and Teams. Jess for captaining the Beauties to everyone that raced their hearts out ( and to max BPM) to achieve a brilliant result. All our team members that were ill but still championed from the sidelines.


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