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Tour de zwift

WCC Tour du Zwift – A few numbers and a few comments

A huge, Huge, HUGE thank you to all of the organisers of this wonderful event. What a fabulous nine weeks it has been. When I stared on stage one, I never imagined that it would become as competitive as it did, or as mutually supportive as it was. And wow, did it get competitive, or is it just me? I hope that Robin Jones, Steve Wiggins, Nigel Lee, Heinz Stahl, Melanie Hathaway and Steve Hodgson had their eye on me as much as I had my eye on them. And may I say chapeau to Robin Jones who really showed that us oldies can still push them cranks down properly and at the opposite end of the spectrum, to young Caden Lloyd-Jones who is so full of promise and to Steve Blyth who showed such tenacity and grit.

Anyway, I started to think of the numbers involved and came up with the stats shown below and the big thing that jumped out to me was the scarcity of under 30’s doing the tour (one under 19 and one in the 19 to 29 bracket) but this reflects what I see IRL sadly. On the plus side, the wealth of ladies participating in the event - 33% of the total - is terrific and definitely NOT what I see IRL where it must be closer to 10%.

Of the 140 members who registered, 37 did not ride any stages (boo-hoo, they don’t know what they missed), 37 rode three or fewer stages, 16 rode four to eight stages and 50 completed all nine stages. Why did those who complete one or more stages not do the whole lot? Life often gets in the way of plans and we all know that there can never be a 100% completion rate but would it not be lovely to see 100 people completing all stages? There would be even more competition, camaraderie, and company (my best alliteration so far) so anyone reading this who has an idea of how we can get even better participation next year (I hope I am not ahead of myself), please just make those suggestions known.

The largest contingent by age group was the 50 to 59 bracket with 37 riders, 62/38% men to ladies and the smallest was under 19’s and 19 to 29 both with just one entrant. Ladies participation was around 40% in the age ranges from 30 to 39, 40 to 49 and 50 to 59 but fell off to 20% in 60 to 69 and zero in the 70 to 79 range. The 70 to 79 age group had five competitors and produced the category D winner, Robin Jones, which is quite incredible as competition was strong what with 50 riders (33 men, 17 ladies) in this category.

The men’s “yellow jersey”, Richard Davey, finished in 6h45m and the men’s Lanterne Rouge (of riders who completed all nine stages) in 12h52m. The ladies “yellow jersey” was won by Christine Motzko in 7h10m and the ladies Lanterne Rouge holder is Maureen Hoffman in 11h45m. And both ends of the table deserve loads and loads and loads of ride-ons albeit for different reasons. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” rider, just faster and slower riders and the prize always goes to those who are……. Riders!

So again a big thanks to the organisers and here is hoping that next years event is even more successful.

Write up by Wobble

Cycle Club member Simon Hughes

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