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Wobble Sprint Series (WSS) – Mixed, 11/11/2023

Just one sprint segment for the London Classique course, but it did have to be negotiated four times and there was some fast and furious finishes over the four events today.

09h00 race

Jean Phillippe Gantzer (Foudre) had a right ding dong with Ryo Yoshimura for A cat honours finishing on 108 to 105 primes winning by agonisingly close margins for Ryo three of the four primes on offer. Next week Ryo!

Fireworks in the B cat race as well with , Jeroen Engles (BEAT) and Jostein Broseth (ZSUNR) winning two primes apiece and Jeroen finishing the day on 104 primes from Carlos Almeda on 104 – his strong FAL giving him the edge over Jostien who beat him in the sprints.

Duncan Caskey was too strong for Stuart Kirkwood(3 second places) and Nathan Shickle (one) in the C cat race ending with 109 primes to Stuarts 101

In the D cat event, Janne Kylliainen (TV/RCF) continues his fine form to finish ahead of Steve Blyth in all primes and collecting 110 primes in the process to Steve’s 103

14h30 race

No A cat riders this week and just two B cat’s with first place on 107 primes taken by Juergen Christen (WCC) from Henrik Lauer on 106! Even though Henrik manage to outpace Jeurgen for first across the line, he could not quite make up the points difference.

Thomas Kusch was comfortable ahead of Andrew MacLeod 107 to 98 primes in the C cat race but there was sopme really close racing in the sprints with Rachel Stanton (FEAR<) and Bob Cutting showing strong before falling away.

Another really good week for Adam Monk (RCC) with 109 primes taking all the honours in the D cat race from Alan Mendes (FR) 104 primes and Edwina Brocklesby with 96 primes.

18h00 race

Again, no A cat riders and just the solo B cat rider, Denny Dressler (AVC) who earned himself the full bag of 110 primes

The C cat ride was very, very competitive with Fransesco vn Puyenbroek and Budgie Bird (Wahoo le Col) separated by a single prime 110 to 100. Fransesco was generally FAL and Budgie faster and the difference was just one second at the finish and this was enough for Fransesco to take top dog honours for the day.

The D cat race was a WCC affair with four competitors with Scott Ellison. ahead of Melinda Kirkwood and Cookie Monster. There were some really good duels for the sprints – there is nothing like a bit of internecine warfare to get the spirits going!


With one entry for the B and D categories, Jay Williams and Brenda Jones (WCC) were obviously top prime earners. The meat in the sandwich, the B category, saw Anneke Prins on 108 primes hold off Melanie Booker (WCC)(CAY) with 100. The first sprint was by far the closest which was won by Angharad Llinos Jones (WCC) from Fabia Stauffer by 0.038 seconds with Anneke another 0.12 seconds back. With Anneke winning two of the other three sprints from Mel, it was just enough to hold the day.

Well done to all competitors and we look forward to seeing the results of your fine efforts next week.

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