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2023 at Wobble Cycle Club

What a year it’s been at Wobble Cycle club! Massive shout out too the talented Simon Hughes for his fantastic summary!

2023 has been a terrific year for Wobble Cycle Club.  We now have 6474 members with hundred more joing in the last 12 months.  In all, WCC have hosted or partaken in literally, thousands of events during the year and all of this is down to our fantastic team captains, club organisers and members.  There are too many names to list here but our thanks to all of them.  So, what is it that we have been up to?  

Wobble Sprint Series – We have hosted four series this year now having total of 7 seasons for ladies and 10 seasons for mixed categories every Saturday with three race times to choose from.  A really popular event with sprinters coming back for more and more and more!

Wobbe Social Rides – we host a time trial Recon Ride (which is social), a 60 minute ride at 19:00 on a Monday where you ride at your own pace in any group you chose.  Our Wednesday Wobble is at 19:00 and aimed at 1.1 wkg riders and our Friday Fried Legs is also at 19:00 and paced at 1.1 wkg. On a Sunday, we host three rides, the WCC Breakfast Ride at 10h00, a 90 minute ride paced at 2.0 wkg, the Sunday Brunch at 12h00 at 1.4wkg and the Sunday Roast at 14h00 at 1.1wkg.  All of these rides have a pacer (yellow beacon) and Sweep (red beacon) to keep us in place and on course.  Our sincere thanks to the organisers and beacons for their time and efforts. These rides are open to all and if you don’t already join, we would love to see you do so in the new year.

Wobble Tour du Zwift – A club-confined stage race in all Zwift worlds with results segregated by rider category; mens & ladies.  With one stage a week for eight weeks, there is something to test and please everyone.  50 riders entered and congrats to Richard Davey and Christina Motzko for winning the mens and ladies race respectively.

Team Time Trial – We have 21 teams and around 150 people registered time trialists.  Each team has a minimum of four and a maximum of eight riders.  We can find the right team for you, riding at the right time of day.  Contact us now to join this very successful and committed group where you will learn all about team-work, drafting and how to be entertained whilst racing.

Ladder races – Four teams with some eighty riders rotating in teams of five.  We challenge a team or another team challenges us, we decide a route, day and time and that’s it – liftoff.  These races are soooo satifying because they are so hard, so competitive and so much fun.  You will be placed in a team that mirrors your category – we don’t put a D cat rider in with a team of B cat riders!

Zwift TT and Hill Climb Club Racing – these two leagues held every week of the year attract between 10 and 20 WCC riders and we regularly feature in the top three spots for C and D categories.

Zwift Racing League – Eight teams with 86 registered riders committed to racing hard and enjoying considerable success.

Flamme Rouge Racing host epic stage races with the Tours du France where we WCC came 14th and Tour Britannia where we finished 26th out of 89 teams. These are gruelling events with eight stages in nine days but events in which you will find a team ethos, personal encouragement and a competitive edge.  The Tour Watopia which kicks of on January 2 2024 has 46 WCC members signed up so we will be flying the WCC flag high and handsome.


So as you can see, Wobble is an active club catering to the needs of riders from the slowest to the quickest, climbers, time trialists, sprinters, rouleurs and lazy bones alike.  We have appreciated your support this last year and hope to get even more of it 2024.  Sign up for events, join in the races and above all, Wobble On!

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