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Big News !!!!!


After many, many months (not to say years) of pushing, arguing, cajoling and offering all types of favours(!) WCC HAS FINALLY BEEN ASSIGNED ITS VERY OWN, TOTALLY UNIQUE, FABULOUSLY LOOKIN, IN GAME KIT!

Photos below of our VEEP Gary Moss modelling the new design (well at least his avatar!) Mmm….mmm….looking GOOD!

So after a moment’s rejoicing on to the practical

• Subject to ZWIFT HQ getting its act together the kit will feature in all WCC scheduled rides;

• For members who wish to acquire the kit, this has to be done through WCC but we are then dependent on Zwift HQ assigning the kit to our members. In order to be allocated the kit Members MUST

1.Nominate WCC as their primary club on Zwiftpower – if you have not nominated WCC you cannot be allotted the kit

2.Have [WCC] as a tag in their name on the Companion App.

3.Select Wobble Cycle Club under the Clubs function in the Companion App.

If you meet these criteria and wish to have the kit then please complete this form.

[Someone will need to do the necessary!]

We are aiming to send the first batch of requests to Zwift HQ on Monday 3 April at 6.00 pm UK time so if you want to be in the first group please complete the form by then. Thereafter we propose to ask Zwift to allocate kit on a weekly basis.

Please note Zwift HQ do not give notification as to when the kit is assigned – it will suddenly “appear” in the kit section of your garage. You therefore need to keep a lookout for it. Also we have no control over how quickly Zwift HQ will act on our requests but we hope it will be less than a month. If anyone has requested kit but has not received it after one month, could they please contact our wonderful Jan Darnell.

Finally a word of warning – please be careful because this kit is guaranteed to make you go faster!


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