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Wobble Sprint Series Mixed, Week 4 Results

19 km or fast flat racing on Tick Tock in Watopia this week so there was no respite, no place to rest and nowhere to hide. There were some cracking duels so lets discuss Saturdays races in category order starting with B cat (no A cat riders this week!😱).

Yowza! What a competitive day it was with 13 riders listed but a whopping 11 riders unlisted (no HRM?). Looking at FAL, the fasted edition was the 14h30 race which is not surprising as there were 16 riders in total of which (10 listed) and just 31 seconds separated first (First Source.K) from last but with seven riders finishing within three seconds of each other, Mikkel Andkjaer coming out on top with primes (80 points) from Ben IddonIn-FUSE and Luc LaBonte (Drafting Dinos) each with 73 primes.

However, top score for primes was Rasmus Gjorret (Fat Guys Zwifting) on 90 points in the 18h00 ride (he was unopposed) with Jostien Broseth (ZSUNR) with 89 primes from Myles MacKintosh (ZRScot) on 86 in the 09h00 ride.

C Cat

In the 09h00 edition we had a right old doing-dong between Duncan Kaskey, Ashley Billington and Stuart Kirkwood (WCC) who all finished in 34.27 with Duncan and Ashley each on 86 primed to Stuarts 86 – what a race that was! Chris Harrison (Level Esports) edged out Sean Waples (Drafting Dinos) 88 to 83 in the 14h30 race and Nick Kadlec won the 18h00 on 89 primes, six ahead of Robert Tasev (VIRTUSLO).

D Cat

Mark Wood 6850 pipped Patrick Ridderbos (ZRTC) by a solitary point in the 09h00 race and Adam Monk (RCC) yet again topped the leaderboard with 90 points in a field of 12 in the 14h30 race. 10 rideres competed in the 18h00 edition with Jonas K. riding away from Ronny Pederson to claim 90 primes. There was a good showing from WCC in this one with Dave Kraemer, Sarah Burnett, .Dave T, Steve Blyth and Cookie Monster racing.


Just two entrants this week, Melanie Booker (WCC), C cat and Sarah Hoffman (HERD) in the D category.

Ladies GC

B cat; Silvie Timmers-Coenen on 59 points from D Sacco on 20

C cat is headed by Mel Booker (WCC) on 95 points from Angharad Llinos Jones (WCC) on 75

D cat is tight at the top with Sarah Hoffman (HERD) keeping Brenda Jones (WCC) off the top spot with 75 to 71 points.

Mixed CG

A category has five racers all having done just the one race and all on 20 points. Johan johnsson (VXO WATT), sykkelpt, Magnus Leosson, Vincent Boullic (FFZ) and Julio Posadas. Come on all you A cat riders, get in here and race!

B category is a bit warmer with Jostein Brøseth (ZSUNR) holding off Magnus Anderssono

[SZ](HAB) 80 to 77 points.

C category has our own Stuart Kirkwood on 86 points from A Ride For Ukraine (LCT) on 60 and Duncan Caskey on 59.

D category is led out by Adam Monk (RCC) from another WCC rider, Steve Blyth 100 to 81 points.

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