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Wobble Sprint series Race 2

Wobble Sprint Series (WSS) Series Mixed Series 10 and Ladies Series 7 - Week Two

09h00 Race

B Category. Magnus Andersson (SZR) Swedish Zwift Riders was the only competitor and clocked up 110 points.

C category. A crowded field made for some exciting racing here with A Ride For Ukraine (NDW) North Devon Wheelers holding off Scott Norman (LazyMF) to top the table by five points with Stuart Kirkwood (WCC) in third place.

D category. We saw a really close duel with four riders finishing within two seconds of each other. The struggle for those points was terrific and Matt Hartfield of TBR Racing and Christian Tracey of WCC finishing two seconds ahead of Janne Kylliäinen [RCF] of Ride Club Finland and Nik Dewar. However, Matt Hartfield won the event over Janne Kylliäinen by 109 to 102 points.

14h30 Race

B category. Bjorn Tore Nergard (Vikings) comfortably held off John Francis across the line but John came out on top with 108 points to Bjorn's 97 - those primes count!

C category. Duncan Caskey sneaked ahead of Nicky DeForce by one second across the line and that was enough for him to head the points tally 110 to Nicky's 94 - which was a solitary point ahead of Chris Davies of TFC

D category. Adam Monk (Rapha_RCC) finished a full six seconds ahead of Mia Claesson (WCC) accross the line and finished with seven more points than Scott (WCC). Wobble had a great set of results with Scott in second place followed by Mia Claesson, Melinda Kirkwood and Anette Rehnvall Ädling in second, third and fourth place respectively.

18h00 Race

B category. just seven points separated the three entrants; Jostein Brøseth (ZSUNR), 🇧🇪🦁Claude Legran (BZReCycling Club) and Charlie O'Brien (Minutemen) but Jostein had a really strong ride to finish convincingly ahead of Clause and Charlie.

C category. Three of the four riders finished in 39.09 but Joao Valente (TugaZ) held off Hans Bjorling (ZSUNR) to finish the race with 108 points to Hans's 99. Shout out here for Dappy Muppet (TFC) for having the most humerous name in the race!

D category. Home victory here for Rory Draper of Wobble who pipped his teammate David Kraemer 107 to 105 points with Sharky (OP Training) in third place.

18h00 Ladies race

B category D Sacco sneaked victory from Silvie Timmers-Coenen (ROCA) by a single point 107 t0 106

C category. Four finishers, four Wobble riders with Tammy Costain on 106 points from Angharad Llinos Jones on 102, Mel Booker on 101 ahead of Jude Woodcock on 89 points.

D category. Sarah Hoffmann The Herd Racing League had a really strong ride finishing 13 points ahead of Brenda Jones (WCC) from Carolina Macaya (Drafting Dinos) and Sarah Burnett (WCC).

Results on Zwiftpower can be found here

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