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Wobble Sprint Series (WSS) Mixed and Ladies Results 04/11/2023

This week we had some really good and fair to say, unexpected results so lets have some special chapeau’s, hats off, ride on’s and kudos to start with. Mia Claesson and Adam Monk for their overall performance in the 14h30 edition along with Melinda Kirkwood for FAL and fastest time on the tough Fuego Flats Long sprint. Janne Kylliäinen, who is a D cat, gets a special mention for finishing on equal primes with a C and an A cat racer. Well done all 🤩🥳

The 09h00 edition got off to an explosive start! Stuart Kirkwood (C cat) of WCC was tied on first across the line with Ben Davies (B cat) and there was a three-way tie between Paul Reed (C cat, WCC), Tjeerd Van Aurich (B cat, SpeedFreaks) and Frank Halbout (C cat, peltrax) two seconds behind.

Top spots in the primes went to Stuart Kirkwood (C cat, WCC), Janne Kylliainen (D cat, Ride Club Finland) and Arthur_H (A cat CSC) all on 90 primes.

The 14h30 edition had a little more between the riders with Adam Monk (D cat, Rapha_RCC) heading out Mark Gaffney (D cat) from Mia Claesson (D cat, WCC) and Mark Wood 6850 (D cat). It is not every sprint race that sees four D cat riders head the FAL list ahead of C and B cat riders so well done to all, a fine effort!

Prime points was not the same story however as Duncan Caskey (C cat) with 110 nudged out Atushi Sugamura (B cat) on 106 points and Adam Monk (D cat, Rapha_RCC) on 101 points.

I really think a special shout out to Mia Claeson and Adam Monk are in order here, this was a great day for two very determined D cat riders!

The 18h00 edition was dominated by C cat racers with Matthias Calmeyn nudging out Charlie Kohler (DZR) by one second (a lifetime in sprints) with just one second separating the next six riders.

Primes were hotly contested with two points being the difference between first and fourth. Allen Lang-Norris (D cat) 87 points, Domenick Presa (D cat, Njinga Cycling) 86 points, Budgie Bird (Wahoo Le Col) 85 points and Andy Harrison (Too) (B cat, DIRT) 85 points.


Pamela Levine (B cat, IRACELIKEAGIRL) was comfortably FAL but there was a right old ding-dong for second place points with Rebecca Dobiesz (B cat, COALITION), E Macdonald (B cat, LEVEL Esports) and Melanie Booker (C cat, WCC) finishing together.

No surprise here but Pamela Levine (B cat, IRACELIKEAGIRL) ended the day top gun with 90 primes from Brenda Jones (D cat, WCC) on a fantastic 89 primes followed by two C cat WCC riders, Angharad Llinos Jones and Melanie Booker on 88 and 87 points respectively.

Well done to all you racers, this is a tough old discipline and from allat WCC, a hearty pat on your collective backs!

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